• A Place to Call Home 2013
    A Place to Call Home 2013
    Author: Elizabeth Glasgow
    Architectural Photogrpahy
  • Desire Empire, 2012
    Desire Empire, 2012
    Title: A Beautiful Long Island Home Make Over
    Desire Empire has found this wonderful architect who has a whole lot of classic American style. His name is Darren Helgesen.
  • This Old House, 2012
    This Old House, 2012
    Title: Dressing Up a Flat Facade
    Author: Arthur Hagerman
    In response to a gut-renovated fixer-upper, Darren Helgesen suggests that the house can afford some strategic ornamentation.
  • This Old House, 2011
    This Old House, 2011
    Author: Deborah Baldwin
    Ask kids, and they'll tell you the ideal place to sleep is in a tree house or on a sailboat, like Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Architect Darren Helgesen incorporated that spirit in this attic redo at a century-old house in East Hampton, New York, where he used warm finishes and smart details to turn the dark, sloped-ceilinged space into a shipshape two-bedroom suite. The homeowners, Bill and Cory Laverack, had already renovated the rest of the house.
  • This Old House, 2010
    This Old House, 2010
    Article: Small fixes, Lots more Function
    Author: Gregory Cerio
    Fortunately, the Blaneys found just the right partner for their project in architect Darren Helgesen, who knew and appreciated Scheffer's work. "It was as important to me as it was to the clients to maintain the spirit of the house" says Helgesen.
  • This Old House, 2009
    This Old House, 2009
    Article:Smart Storage Solutions
    Author: Josh Garskof
    Fit slumber spots for two kids in the space of one with built-in bunk beds. Here, Amagansett, New York, architect Darren J. Helgesen had extra room to work with at the foot of the beds...
  • Country Living, 2009
    Country Living, 2009
    Title: Easy Does it
    Author: David Colman
    Choosing an architect was fairly straightforward endeavor. "Darren Helgesen was the only one we spoke to who didn’t suggest tearing down the original house", explains Frances. Style-wise, Helgesen took great care that the addition would conform to the rest of the house.
  • Coastal Living, 2008
    Coastal Living, 2008
    Article: Gem on the Cove
    Author: Jeff Book
    Built in the 1930s as a simple summer bungalow, 2,100 square-foot , gambrel-roof structure felt dim and cramped. "This was as much a restoration as a renovation" Kathleen says. We wanted to make it look like it had always been this way. "We stripped the structure to the studs, gave it new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and insulated windows that match the architecture" says architect Darren Helgesen.
  • Dan
    Dan's Paper, 2007
    Article: Hamptons Power Designers
    Victoria Hagan: We started building our house ten years ago. It's still a work in progress. Darren Helgesen was my architect.
  • Country Living, 2007
    Country Living, 2007
    Title: American Original
    Author: Jill Kirchner Simpson
  • Elle Decor
    Elle Decor
    To give the living room more character, architect Darren Helgesen raised the roof and designed a cathedral ceiling.
  • Women
    Women's Day Specials, 2006
    Title: In Character
    Author: Mervyn Kaufman
    Even with such ambitious goals, say Mark "we wanted the house to look as though it had always been that way" They turned to Darren J. Helgesen, AIA an Amagansett, New York Architect. Initially, Mark and Stuart feared that adding a second story was the only way for them to have a new master suite they coveted, and were delighted when Helgesen said it made more sense and was a lot less expensive to expand outward.
  • Womens Day Specials, 2003
    Womens Day Specials, 2003
    Home Remolding & Makeovers
    Title: Restored Beauty
    Author: Michele Keith
    Only 100 miles for New York City, this recently renovated east Hampton home has "good bones and fabulous location – it's a great house, says Darren J. Helgesen AIA, of Amagansett, New York " Helgesen's mandate was to open it up for increased light and make it more family-friendly.
  • Womens Day Special Publications
    Womens Day Special Publications
  • House Beautiful, 1999
    House Beautiful, 1999
    Title: New House, Old Soul
    Author: Christopher Petkanas
    Built on a three-acre cornfield, Hagan’s 1997 beach house on eastern Long Island is the most articulate example of her companionable, quirky yet restrained style. The Architecture, by Darren Helgesen- based on nearby farm houses dating back as far as early 18th century.
  • W Magazine, 1997
    W Magazine, 1997
    Title: Victoria’s Secret
    Author: James Reginato
    The couple bit the bullet and hired an architect-after having had the good fortune to buy a piece of picture-perfect farmland, which was surrounded by property protected by scenic easements.
  • Country Living, 1997
    Country Living, 1997
    Title: Time Traveler
    Moved to Long Island, New York, a 200-year old central New Jersey barn begins a new way of life
  • American Home style & Gardening, 1996
    American Home style & Gardening, 1996
    Title: Country Fresh
    Author: Holly Gates Russell
    American country transforms a ranch-style house into a summery cottage
  • Architectural Digest, 1996
    Architectural Digest, 1996
    Title: Seaside Sanctuary
    Author: Judith Thurman
    A colonial revival renovation on Long Island
  • Better House and Garden, 1993
    Better House and Garden, 1993
    Title: Country goes Contemporary
    Author: Sharon L. Novotne
  • Forbes Magazine, 1989
    Forbes Magazine, 1989